Quality & Compliance



A commitment to building the very best products and providing the most responsive service is at the core of Shree Jee Enterprises customer service philosophy. Every employee plays vital role in Quality Assurance. Shree Jee Corp. obsession with Quality begins with the meticulous checking of raw materials, processes and production equipment Our in-house fully equipped R&D and testing laboratory can conduct all the necessary test and analysis which help us in maintaining stringent quality checks at all Ames. It is sneer the reasons that customers keep coming back to Shree Jee Enterprises. We are now preparing to apply for ISO certification.In quality management a quality policy is a document jointly developed by management and quality experts to express the quality objectives of the organization, the acceptable level of quality and the duties of specific departments to ensure quality. Quality policy management is a long term strategic issue.


  • Deliver services and solutions that meet customer requirements
  • Continually enhance external and internal customer satisfaction
  • Improve productivity and reduce rework